Your teeth are with you from a very young age and as such, they age with us. It is always best to know a bit about how teeth change as we age so that when you notice these changes, you can easily discuss any concerns with your dentist.


Change in Color

The most common thing to note is that your teeth are going to change color. The older you are the more your teeth have been exposed to, they are exposed to things that stain like coffee, soft drinks, and foods that are going to change the color of your teeth gradually. These changes may be subtle and you may not even notice that your teeth have changed color until you look at an old photo and see the difference.

Teeth Become Brittle and Wear Down

Your teeth are also going to become weaker and more brittle with age. Teeth are more likely to crack and chip if you are eating things that are very hard like ice, apples, and candy. Your teeth may also wear down or flatten. As your enamel slowly wears done form use, you need to pay close attention to the food you’re eating to help minimize any potential damage.

Receding Gums

Your gums may begin to recede and move back off of your teeth. This potentially makes your more susceptible to gum disease and they may also become loose as there is less gum holding on to them. You should be brushing your teeth regularly to help make sure there is not any plaque or tarter build up around the base of the teeth.

Nerves Shrink

The nerves in your teeth will slowly begin to shrink which could reduce your ability to notice issues that may begin to arise. The pain from a cavity may go unnoticed for a longer period of time than it would be used to and cause more damage. Staying on top of routine cleanings will help avoid any unnecessary surprises.

Dry Mouth

If you notice that your mouth is very dry make sure you are staying hydrated and brushing your teeth regularly. Consult a dentist if it doesn’t seem to be getting better.

No matter what aging teeth issues you have noticed, proper tooth care and dental hygiene is a must. Take the time to make a dental appointment and get your teeth regularly cared for so it’s easier for you and your dentist to identify and remediate any dental issues that may begin to arise.

For those that want to make a dental appointment, Dobson Ranch Dental Care in Mesa, Arizona is ready and waiting to help you get the best care for your teeth. We have a team of dedicated and professional dentists and dental hygienist that can help you get the teeth you have always dreamed of and can help your teeth stay healthy even as you age.  


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