Cleanings and Exams in Mesa, AZ

Cleanings and Exams in Mesa, AZ

cleanings and exams

A dental exam and cleaning are crucial procedures to maintain a healthy and bright smile. The dentist evaluates your dental condition and determines the best treatment plan to address it. A regular dental cleaning session can prevent severe dental issues in the future. 

Explanation of Cleanings and Exams

  • Dental Cleanings

A dental cleaning is an important preventive dental procedure to help maintain your oral health. During a dental cleaning, the dentist or hygienist cleans your teeth and gums. They use special tools and instruments to loosen, remove, and remove any plaque or tartar accumulated on the teeth.

The dentist then flosses, polishes, and rinses your teeth to make them feel fresh and squeaky clean. A good oral hygiene routine includes brushing your teeth at least twice a day with an ADA-recommended toothpaste and flossing each day. A dental cleaning can be done every six months or so if you follow proper oral hygiene practices on a regular basis.

  • Dental Exams

A routine exam is performed by a dentist or hygienist to check for any signs of tooth decay, gum disease, or other issues that could require further treatment. A thorough oral exam includes examining all the surfaces of the teeth for any cavities or gum disease. The dentist will also check your mouth for signs of tooth decay or cavities by gently probing your gums and teeth with a metal instrument called an explorer.

If any signs of decay are found, the dentist may recommend a filling or a crown to repair it. If gum disease is present, the dentist may suggest deep cleanings and certain medications to treat and address the problem. You may also need an X-ray during your routine exams if signs of decay or other concerns are not detected during the examination process. They help detect problems that may not be visible during a visual exam alone.

Benefits of Cleanings and Exams

  • Maintains Oral Health

Regular dental cleaning can help reduce cavities and tooth decay, especially if you have been following good oral hygiene practices all along. It also helps prevent gum disease by removing plaque and tartar buildup from the teeth, gums, and braces. Dental exams can help detect any existing cavities or tooth decay that might otherwise remain undetected until it becomes more severe and requires more extensive treatment. 

  • Prevents Dental Problems

The earlier you detect any problem, the more options you have to treat it effectively without causing pain or discomfort. A routine examination and cleaning can help detect small problems before they turn into serious ones like toothaches or severe infections that might require far more complex treatments than just cleaning your teeth.

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