Crooked teeth are something that millions of people deal with every day. There are many factors that affect your teeth and taking a closer look at them can help you determine why your teeth are crooked.


Teeth are something that is only partly genetic. Factors like how many teeth you have, your tooth placement, and your tooth style are all factors that can be traced back to your genetics.

If you come from a family that has all their teeth, wisdom teeth included, you may be more likely to have crooked teeth. This is because some mouths are not big enough to have all 32 adult teeth in at the same time.

Similarly, if you come from a family that has extra teeth, that has teeth that are bigger than normal teeth, or that has a history of both soft plate and hard plate anomalies, you may be predisposed to crooked teeth.

No one has perfectly straight teeth, even those people that take great care of their teeth and make sure not to do anything that might damage their teeth.

So, your crooked teeth are only partially genetic. There is a huge range of other options that affect the alignment of your teeth and what your teeth look like.


So what are the factors that affect how straight teeth are? The first are things that we do. This can be something like using a pacifier or thumb sucking after baby teeth have fallen out and adult teeth are in place. This means that adult teeth have the chance to come in crooked, to be pushed out of place, and to be bucked out of the mouth. This is only if the use of a thumb or a pacifier is continued after baby teeth have fallen out and adult teeth are in.

Another factor could be something like teeth grinding or biting on things that are hard or that should not be bitten on. These are both factors that can work to move teeth out of place and make them crooked. There are plenty of environmental factors that can affect how straight your teeth are and that can help to stop damage to teeth if these behaviors are discontinued.


There are a few different ways to help fix crooked teeth and the most obvious is to have braces put on. You can also have wisdom teeth removed which can sometimes open up space within the mouth to help allow crooked teeth to space out and straighten up. Braces, however, are the most common fix for crooked teeth as they help to gradually move the teeth back to the proper position so that the bite can be aligned and that the teeth can be straightened.

If you have crooked teeth and are thinking of having them corrected, contact Dobson Ranch Dental Care today to see what they can do to help straighten your teeth and get you the smile you have always wanted and have always dreamed of as simply and effectively as possible so that you can keep smiling.


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