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If you’ve chosen to straighten teeth without braces, you will need to continue to maintain your straight teeth after you’ve completed the process. Traditional adult orthodontic care that is used to straighten crooked teeth includes the use of metal braces and, in some cases, Hawley retainers. The complete treatment plan involves many steps that are taken over a specific period of time.


Once your teeth have been straightened, they may try to shift back to their original position. This shifting can be accentuated by gum disease, gum recession, or a loosening of the teeth that is a result of the use of traditional braces and other types of orthodontic treatment. If you want straight teeth without braces, there are several things you can do to achieve your goal. While part of the problem may be correcting jaw issues, much of the problem may have to do with your bite pattern and how your teeth originally came in. If you’ve recently completed an orthodontic treatment plan, you need to continue to use a retainer or other device to keep your teeth straight until your jaw and soft tissues have fully healed.


The Invisalign® system is one way that you can try to maintain straight teeth without having metal braces. Part of the process includes taking impressions of your teeth and a CT scan of your mouth to identify how your teeth may shift during the treatment plan. Although there are many systems out there, Invisalign is a patented design, all rights reserved. The aligners can be used on the upper teeth as well as the lower. Veneers and tooth contouring are also viable options if you want to straighten your teeth. While veneers, bonding, and tooth contouring involve altering the tooth itself, they both produce positive results and the results are easy to maintain. All of these techniques help you to both achieve and maintain straight teeth and improve quality of life.


Regular dental visits can identify small changes in the alignment of your teeth, correcting abnormalities the patient may not realize have occurred. Your dentist can treat the problem with a retainer or other type of procedure that will keep your teeth straight and perfectly aligned. Regular dental visits also identify other potential problems including receding gums or gum disease that may be the result of improper brushing techniques. Your dentist will go over the steps of good oral hygiene and show you the best techniques to use. If you live in the Beverly Hills area and have questions about how to maintain straight teeth, contact your primary care dentist or local orthodontist. They can provide you with the answers you need and help you to maintain your beautiful smile! Meta Description: There are many things you can do to straighten your teeth that do not involve the use of metal braces. Once they’ve been straightened, you need to maintain them. Straight teeth offer you confidence as well as a beautiful smile.


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