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Dentists are coming forward with interesting news about healing cavities naturally. The idea is that the foods that we eat can help reduce erosion of enamel, stop the degradation of cavities, and improve our oral health. How does this work? It is best explained by understanding what cavities are.


Cavities are a bacterial infection of our teeth. Bacteria is a naturally occurring group of organisms that live in our mouth. There is good bacteria and bad bacteria. The good bacteria help us break down food the bad bacteria is there to consume food and it’s presence causes an acidic buildup on teeth and below the gum lines that eats away at the enamel on our teeth. When sufficient enamel erosion occurs, we have a cavity. The formation of cavities is not fast. It takes time and using good oral hygiene helps to reduce and prevent the formation of cavities. As bacteria accumulates in your mouth, it begins for produce plaque, which is a sticky substance that helps the bacteria stick to your teeth. Plaque hardens over time and leads to poor oral health and diseases such as gingivitis. Much of what occurs in our body is chemical in nature. The foods we eat produce chemicals, even in our mouths. Plaque helps to dissolve or chemically break down the minerals in our teeth. This is where remineralization comes into the picture.


Can Tooth Decay Be Naturally Healed? Teeth are made up of dentin and enamel. Dentin is the inner layer of your teeth. Dentists are excited about new evidence that strongly shows natural ways of stopping cavity growth including on both layers of enamel and dentin. Let’s start with some natural ways to prevent tooth decay.


Stop with the Refined Sugars — Refined sugars are acidic and bacteria love them. By eliminating refined sugars from your diet, you cut the acid build up in plaque and remove a major food source for bacteria.

Brush When You Wake Up — Rather than wait to brush your teeth until after breakfast, brush before breakfast. This removes the aged plaque in your mouth that builds up as we sleep. It also helps improve the taste of breakfast.

Replace Coffee with Green Tea — Coffee is acidic and while many of us enjoy coffee with sugar, we can drink green tea plain. Green tea has some added benefits too. It helps to melt away plaque on teeth and it reduces the amounts of harmful bacteria in our mouth.

Drink More Water — Water is good for our body and it helps up to produce better quality saliva which in turn helps to reduce plaque and bacteria.


There are natural treatments such as essential oils that help to stop a toothache and can destroy harmful bacteria. Examples of natural cures for cavities include:

Sage Tea — Sage is a natural antibacterial. To use, cut fresh sage leaves and boil them for 20-minutes in filtered water. Let the tea cool and then use as a rinse for your mouth or as a pulling agent.

Essential oil of Oregano — There are many peer reviewed studies that point to the healthy benefits of essential oil of oregano. To include essential oil of oregano in your daily oral hygiene routine, simply coat your toothbrush with the oil and brush your teeth.

Whole cloves or essential oil of Clove — Using a whole clove by placing it in or over a cavity has been a home remedy for toothache relief for generations. To use essential oil of clove to stop a toothache, simply add a drop or two directly to the cavity. Clove can be a powerful essential oil so it is best to start with just a single drop. Clove helps to kill bacteria and to deaden nerves.


Remineralization is a confusing term. It does not mean that teeth regenerate because they don’t. What it means is that the process of decay is stopped and that further damage is prevented. Currently, there is research in progress that should shed light on the body’s ability to regrow teeth. At the current time, that information is still in its early academic phase. The best way to stop a cavity is to prevent it from forming in the first place. Understanding how to avoid cavities naturally is a big step in the right direction. This article touches on just some of the natural ways to stop cavities. While natural methods are great for prevention, your dentist is the best person to treat oral issues. Make sure to keep up with your regular dental visits so that your dentist can help you achieve optimal dental health!


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