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Though it may seem like something that only affects a small portion of the population, gum disease (gingivitis) is actually fairly common and does affect millions each year. There are ways that you can prevent gingivitis and similar gum diseases but the best way to prevent them is to know what causes gingivitis in the first place.


It is helpful to first understand what gingivitis is so that you can begin to understand what causes it. Gingivitis is an acute inflammation of the gums or the gingiva of the mouth.

This inflammation causes pain, bad breath, tooth decay, and more and is very painful. Gingivitis is not only inflammation but also pain and discomfort that is associated with the inflammation.

There are a few different causes of gingivitis and other associated gum diseases. The first is bacteria in the mouth. If you are cleaning your teeth regularly, either at home or preferably with a dental professional, you are going to be removing the bacteria that can cause gingivitis.

Routine cleaning can help to remove this dangerous bacteria from the mouth that can lead to gingivitis. Routine cleaning can also remove plaque and tarter, of which, both can cause gingivitis.

Plaque and tarter generally lie below the gum line which can lead to painful inflammation and infection. Though you can remove plaque from your own teeth with daily brushing, once plaque turns into hardened tarter you cannot remove it on your own and will likely need dental intervention by a dental professional.

Tarter can also cause teeth to fall out and can speed up the decay process in teeth as well. If left untreated, tarter can cause permanent damage to the teeth and gingivitis can cause the gums to recede from the teeth which can lead to eventual tooth loss.

Yet another cause of gingivitis is poor brushing habits. Poor dental hygiene can lead to a bevy of dental issues and can lead to tooth loss, pain, and far more troubles in the mouth. You should be brushing your teeth at least twice a day and should be flossing and using dental rinse as well to help keep your mouth balanced and healthy.


There are some signs and symptoms you can look for to help you to fight gingivitis. The first symptom you might want to look for is redness around the gum line. This is the beginning stages of inflammation and if taken care of at this stage, it can be far less painful than waiting until you have full-fledged gingivitis.

Another symptom is bad breath. Bad breath is caused by the germs in your mouth which means that you may be getting gingivitis.

You may also experience pain and discomfort when brushing or even bleeding when brushing or when flossing your teeth. If you have bleeding in your mouth, bad breath, and redness around the gum line, you may have gingivitis or the beginnings of it.

The first step to get rid of gum disease is to take the time to make a dental appointment. You should go to the dentist and have a professional cleaning and see what the next steps you can take to help rid yourself of gum disease.

The helpful staff at Dobson Ranch Dental Care can make you an appointment to consult and find out what can be done for your dental issues. With a great dental staff, you can resolve your gingivitis and have a great, healthy bill of health.


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