Snore Guard in Mesa, AZ

Snore Guard in Mesa, AZ

A snore guard is a dental appliance that fits into the mouth and over the teeth. It helps to keep the jaw and tongue positioned in such a way that prevents snoring. This appliance is made of hard plastic and is custom-created for each individual patient.

Are snore guards effective?

Snoring is when your airway becomes partially or completely blocked while you’re sleeping. This is usually caused by the structures in your mouth. A night guard works by shifting your jaw slightly forward, which helps to open your airway.

In addition to making your airway wider, a snore guard also keeps your mouth from relaxing too much. When you relax your jaw and tongue, they can collapse into a position that partially or fully blocks your airway. A night guard keeps these muscles in place, which helps to prevent snoring.

How is a snore guard fitted?

The snore guard is made from the mold of your mouth. This mold ensures a snug fit while preventing mouth breathing, which can solve snoring issues. 

Types of snore guards

There are two kinds of snore guards:

1. Custom-made

A custom-made snore guard is made in a dental lab. It is designed specifically for your unique anatomy, which a dentist in Mesa, AZ or dental team member takes impressions of. The snore guard is fitted for maximum comfort.

2. Premade

A snore guard that you can buy in a store is a premade model. It’s designed to fit most mouths, but it may not fit as comfortably as a custom-made model.

When should I get a snore guard?

Not everyone needs snore guards. If you snore occasionally, and it doesn’t disrupt your sleep or your partner’s, you probably don’t need a snore guard.

However, if you fit either of the following categories, a snore guard may be able to help you:

  • Snoring causes you to wake up frequently during the night, which can lead to daytime fatigue.
  • Snoring keeps you or your partner from sleeping well.

What are the benefits of snore guard?

Snore guard benefits include:

  • Reduced snoring
  • A restful night’s sleep for you and those around you.
  • Reduced sleep apnea. 
  • Increased oxygen flow to your brain and other organs. 
  • Reduced strain on your jaw and muscles.
Snore guards help prevent snoring and teeth grinding, which can both be painful and damaging. A snore guard also helps with TMJ problems. 

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